E3I Supports ENSI to Develop Macedonia’s National Program for Building Energy Efficiency

E3 International, has completed work as Financial Expert on a National Program for Energy Efficiency (EE) in Public Buildings in Macedonia, Phase 1, on behalf of the World Bank and the United Nation’s Global Environment Facility–in coordination with the Macedonian Ministry of the Economy, under subcontract to ENSI Norway

Macedonia’s National EE Program will provide assistance that combines expert technical services and financing options, targeting cost-effective energy efficiency building improvements via retrofits.  It will offer access to financing at attractive terms.

The priority buildings for Phase I include Ministry office buildings, schools, hospitals, administrative offices of all 84 municipalities and the city of Skopje, retirement homes, and other social care buildings.

E3I, as Financial Expert, took the lead in the development of financing options—sources and mechanisms— and shared in the development of a Program Concept Note for the implementation of a National  EE Public Building Program best suited to Macedonia.  Adapting for lessons learned from other similar programs in Europe and the region, ENSI included in its methodology stakeholder interviews, assessment of risks and opportunities, and identification of barriers to surmount in order to to optimize the success of the planned initiative for improving energy efficiency of public buildings in Macedonia.

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