E3I Expands Activities in Morroco – Supporting Roland Berger Strategy Consulting in the The Energy Efficiency National Summit (EENS)

Roland Berger Strategy Consulting has retained E3I as its energy partner under a project for the  Moroccan Agency for the development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ADEREE), Ministry of Energy, Mines, environment and Water.  The project will focus on the reduction and control of energy consumption, the development of a national strategy for energy efficiency involving all stakeholders at the relevant national, regional and local levels, including local authorities, the private sector and civil society. The project will be conducted in five phases. Phase 1: Development of the detailed methodology of Project ( Work Plan). Phase 2: Preparation of the EENS: Situation of Energy Efficiency in Morocco and development of benchmarks,: Estimation of energy consumption and possible savings by sector and development of detailed benchmarks in 3-5 selected countries  as well as an inventory of past results and recommendations for future actions at all levels ( e.g., institutional, legislative, regulatory, fiscal, communication, training, international cooperation). Phase 3: National Stakeholders consultation events). The purpose of this third phase (National Stakeholder consultation) is to: Participate in the development of diagnostics by providing a critical look at the current situation; make proposals for concrete measures to improve the energy efficiency; leading to a national strategy for energy efficiency. The EENS will establish six working groups that will work to organize a series of meetings and discussions, involving representatives of all actors of civil society and cover the following sectors: Buildings, Public Lighting, Industry, Transportation, Mass Transit, Individual Transport, Freight and Agriculture. The working groups will deal with all the levers of energy efficiency by use and nature of energy and include businesses, labor unions and associations.These discussions will focus particularly on: a) The institutional framework; b) The legislative, regulatory, financial and fiscal aspects; c)  New Energy efficiency program selection; d) The communication / and training needs; e) National and international cooperation. Phase 4: Development of a draft strategy for energy efficiency in Morocco and an action plan for 2030. Based on the results of Phases 1 and 2 the consultant will prepare  “a draft strategy for national energy efficiency “, which will include some or all of the proposed improvement made at the end of phase 2. Phase 5: Organization of the National Day of Energy Efficiency. In partnership with a communication agency, the consultant will organize a national day of energy efficiency to be sponsored by a creative personality and generate a sustainable positive image of the day. This event is to be renewed annually and will aim to present the national strategy and to educate consumers about the importance of reducing the energy consumption. It will be attended by State representatives (ministries, agencies), local authorities, businesses, trade unions, associations and a range of individual consumers.

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