Sustainable Energy Project Development

The E3 International team has developed over 300 energy efficiency and renewable energy projects valued at over $400 million (300 million Euros), including in schools, hospitals, municipal facilities, commercial buildings and industrial plants.  Our team of highly skilled project managers, engineers, economists, market analysts, and financial analysts is prepared to develop, finance, implement, and manage sustainable energy projects to successful completion – on time and on budget – with measurable benefits to the client. The array of services provided by the E3Team will ensure success of your project throughout the project development process.


  • Collaborate with senior executives, functional managers, and staff of the client (or the project sponsor if a municipality, extended enterprise, or special purpose credit facility) to develop a comprehensive plan of action to meet or surpass energy-related goals–addressing objectives, priorities, constraints, responsibilities, resources, and timelines
  • Evaluate energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities
  • Evaluate cogeneration project development opportunities
  • Evaluate distributed power system development and operation
  • Perform renewable energy resource assessment
  • Perform energy project development analytics and project benchmarking
  • Assess legal structure, ownership, management and market position of project sponsors, and evaluate creditworthiness of project sponsors
  • Analyze project operating revenues and expenses including energy and fuel costs
  • Develop comprehensive project financing alternatives and investment security packages
  • Structure project financing to include, where appropriate, innovative public-private or private equity partnerships to develop and operate sustainable energy projects
  • Perform sophisticated project risk analysis and develop risk mitigation strategies
  • Develop business plans for bankable projects
  • Support project sponsors throughout negotiations with lenders and investors and the loan application/approval process
  • Complete environmental due diligence and CO2 emissions analysis
  • Evaluate and implement renewable energy grid integration
  • Provide comprehensive technical advice and engineering support during the project implementation, including procurement support and project management
  • Manage projects and programs to successful completion on time and on budget
  • Provide capacity building and training expertise to sustain achievement of objectives within a building, across an enterprise, or within a municipality
  • Partner with the client to provide ongoing energy management support and direction