E3 Background

Prior to the establishment of E3 International, its staff was responsible for setting the standard for sustainable energy project development and financing, beginning with the implementation of the U.S. Government sponsored Development Credit Authority – a credit guarantee facility for sustainable energy efficiency project development. This successful program led to the establishment of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (“EBRD’s”) first sustainable energy financing facility – the Bulgaria Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Credit Line (“BEERECL”) and the U.S. Department of Energy (“USDOE”) Loan Portfolio Guarantee (“LPG”) program. E3 staff have provided technical advice and project direction to the BEERECL since its inception in 2005, as well as other sustainable energy credit lines modeled after BEERECL, implemented by EBRD and other international financial institutions, including the European Union Energy Efficiency Finance Facility(“EUEEFF”) in Bulgaria and the Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Finance Facility (“WeBSEFF”).

E3 International, through its co-founder EnerCon Solutions, is actively involved in sustainable energy project development as well as energy management and infrastructure services in the United States. Currently, E3 is supporting the development and implementation of distributed generation projects in New York state and throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland (“PJM”) transmission network, including renewable energy technologies and curtailable loads to provide ancillary services and improve grid reliability. In addition, EnerCon Solutions is serving as the energy management partner to a number of large hospitals throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.